This spreadsheet calculates the costs and return of rearing calves and will help you work out the most profitable method for your farming system. You can use the default numbers provided, or enter your own data. Sources for numbers are given in the spreadsheet.

Download the spreadsheet, and instructions, then enter your own data to calculate the profit from rearing calves.

Download Calf Rearing Calculator

Alternatively you can use the online version below


Step 1.  Answer the question with the dropdown box – are you buying calves in? (Note: Default is ‘Yes’)
Step 2.  Use Default assumptions OR
Check assumptions and update to meet your production system if relevant.
 Step 3.  Use default liveweight at 10 weeks (100kg) and 100 calves to rear OR
Enter liveweight at 10 weeks information in row 32, and number of calves to rear in row 37
 Step 4.  Use calculations OR
Adjust any other numbers that are different for your system.
The cells in the Spreadsheet are colour coded as follows:
100 A data entry cell.
62.0 A default parameter. You can change this if you like.
62.0 A linked parameter. This is linked to one of the default parameters. Changing the default value will change this value. You can overwrite the linked parameters with your own values
100 A final value of the calculation. You should NOT overwrite this.
If you change any of the linked or calculated cells, you should change the cell colour to make it obvious that this no longer contains the default calculation.

Calf Rearing Calculator