Ezicalve is a premier brand that recognizes the most appropriate beef bulls for heifer mating and the daily industry. Ezicalve bulls will add value to your calf crop. Ezicalve ensures a problem-free calving, meaning less stress for you and your heifers. Over 30,000 calves, by Ezicalve herd bulls, are reared and finished each year


  • 500+ bulls available from Ezicalve Breeders in 2015.
  • Ezicalve bulls rank in the top 5% for low birth weight.
  • Ezicalve bulls attain a rigorous qualification criteria.
  • Ezicalve breeders adhere to high management, performance and animal-health standards.
  • Generations focused on Calving-Ease. Over 100 years of recorded breeding.
  • Ezicalve breeders use N.Z.’s best sires for Low Birth Weight, High Calving Ease and Profit.
  • Ezicalve perform N.Z. Hereford’s largest heifer mating progeny test.
  • Ezicalve bulls are guaranteed quiet.
  • Ezicalve breeders assure full service, support and bull backup.
  • BVD tested and vaccinated, Lepto & 7 in1 vaccinated, C10.